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Window Tinting

Car Window Tinting
Specialist Car Window Tinting company in the Midlands.

Car Leasing

Cheap Car Leasing Deals
You won't find nice photos of cars on this website, you won't find any car leasing prices on this website, you wont find comparison charts in fact you will find very little information about Car Leasing! - Why? - Because there are 1000's of other car leasing websites that provide all that information, go have a look round them then come back here, let us know the car you want, the trim you want, the colour you want, the best price you have seen and we will try to better it

Donkey Leasing is the Car Leasing and Business Car Leasing division of UK Small Business Directory.

Auto Electrics

Auto Electrics Specialists
Specialising in ECU Remapping, Auto Diagnostics, Xenon Headlight Fitting and Towbar Wiring and Coding

Towbar Fitting

Towbars With Dedicated Vehicle Specific Electrics
It is important when having a towbar fitted that you ensure it communicates with the car by having vehicle specific electrical installation. Specialist Towbar Fitting company in the Midlands.

Car Window Tint Simulator

Simulator for Tinted Windows
A nifty little Car Window Tint Simulator for demonstrating Window Tinting

Car Window Tint Simulator

You simply hover over the different window tint shades to see a demonstration of how it will look on a car.

More examples can be found in the Dynamic Window Tinting Gallery.